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🧠 AI images of the week

Third person view, volumetric lighting, accent lighting, full length shot of a cute little arabian kid, aladin, happy, positive attitude, big soulful violet eyes, brown eyes and brown hair, desert clothes, walking a puppy, 8k, anime, chibi, kawaii, background HDR, portrait , Full Scene, Image in Toned Purple and Turquoise, Bokeh, Selective Focus

two roguelikes in a futuristic setting, in the style of photorealistic detail, vintage sci-fi, 8k resolution, distinctive noses, light orange and white, 1970–present, daydreampunk::8 a pair of figures in futuristic suits look side by side, in the style of redscale film, dark yellow and white, futuristic settings, mirror rooms, toonami, douglas smith, precisionist lines::7 one of two men facing into a pair of yellow mirrors, in the style of sci-fi inspired futurism, animated film pioneer, light orange and white, toonami, uniformly staged images, rtx on, stockphoto::7 two men with green and orange helmets, in the style of futuristic settings, dark yellow and light white, movie still, mirror rooms, emphasis on character design, mono-ha, uniformly staged images::7 the movie of two people in futuristic clothing stand between two neonlights, in the style of op art, zbrush, historical reimagining, elaborate costumes, photo taken with ektachrome, rhythmic linear patterns, wimmelbilder::7 three men in neon clothing pose in front of a large neon light, in the style of op art optical illusion, rendered in cinema4d, intricate costumes, jarosław jaśnikowski, striped compositions, light cyan and silver, intense close-ups::7 an advertisement for a techno film featuring several people, in the style of op-art influenced, elaborate costumes, 8k 3d, light cyan, photographically detailed portraitures, cybersteampunk, light painting::7 two people in orange outfits stand in an orange tunnel, in the style of futuristic retro, daz3d, loretta lux, hall of mirrors, rendered in cinema4d, fiberpunk, jessica drossin::6 what if i show you some images of an abstract space, in the style of surrealist automatons, rendered in cinema4d, light orange and orange, sculptural costumes, post-'70s ego generation, hall of mirrors, carpetpunk::6 two characters wearing futuristic uniforms looking at each other, in the style of light yellow and dark orange, ezra stoller, 8k 3d, douglas smith, national geographic photo, dynamic symmetry, rtx on::6 two robot characters are wearing futuristic attire as they pose, in the style of illusory hyperrealism, stanley kubrick, cinestill 50d, animated film pioneer, realist detail, james turrell, toonami ::6 two men standing next to each other in futuristic suits, in the style of rendered in cinema4d, light cyan and amber, realist detail, space art, futuristic victorian, rtx on, symmetry and repetition::6 two people stand in front of two rows of lights in the background, in the style of op-art influenced, elaborate costumes, vray tracing, light cyan, national geographic photo, reflective, stock photo::6 a photo of the futuristic cyborg person in a neon light, in the style of rendered in cinema4d, meticulous military scenes, light teal and silver, emphasis on facial expression, group f/64, heavy lines, baroque sci-fi::6 the silhouette of a robot in neon neon, in the style of hyper-realistic portraiture, rendered in cinema4d, alex ross, silver and cyan, retrowave, alexander kanoldt, captivating gaze::6

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