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Closed loop autonomous AI writer application.

We have been hard at work developing an application that can produce critiqued deliverables, iterating and improving until it reaches an "optimized" draft.

Allow me to explain:

We have created an application that starts two OpenAI agents. Agent #1 (lets call them writer) and Agent #2 (lets call them editor).

We create a well defined persona for the writer and editor and ensure they each have clear goals. Here is what we used for this example as goals:

Writer goal: To create a gripping and thought-provoking sci-fi story that explores the consequences of time travel, the nature of human morality, and the importance of choices. The story will be set in a dystopian future and will incorporate elements of suspense, drama, and philosophical reflection.

Editor goal: Help the writer improve their short story by providing detailed critiques and suggestions focusing on plot development, character depth, world-building and article structure.

Here is what happens next:

#1 We then launch the application with the writer creating a first draft of the goal.

#2 The editor critiques the draft and offers suggestions and improvements.

An actual editor critique from one of the iterations follows:

"The story so far is interesting, but it needs more development in several areas.

First, the plot needs to be further developed. Right now, it is mostly focused on Luka and his journey to find answers. However, there is not much tension or conflict, and the story feels a bit episodic. It would be helpful to introduce more obstacles and challenges for Luka to face.

Second, the world-building needs to be more fleshed out. The story takes place in a dystopian future, but we don't know much about this world. What led to the dystopian conditions? What do the people in this world do on a day-to-day basis? What are the government's secrets that everyone is trying to uncover?

Third, the characters need to be further developed. Right now, Luka is the only fully-developed character. We know his backstory and motivation, but the other characters feel one-dimensional. It would be helpful to learn more about Alia and the other people in the group, and to see how they interact with Luka.

Finally, the story needs to be structured in a more logical way. Right now, it feels like the story is jumping around from scene to scene without much connection. It would be helpful to have a more clear sense of the story's overall arc, and to make sure each scene is advancing the plot in some way."

#3 The writer uses the feedback to modify the draft and resubmits to editor.

#4 Process continues until the editor has no further suggestions

#5 Application saves final as a work result ready for human review.

In this example we are showing the applications use to develop SciFi short stories. This is a proof of concept that has far ranging implications. Need to draft a document - use your AI writer to send you a near perfect result for your use and iteration.

By the way, here is a small clip from the SciFi story used in this example - Iteration 19 - the system considered it "good" at iteration 57:

The woman's hands trembled as she reached for the door handle. She knew that once she stepped through, there would be no turning back. She would be sacrificing her own life, as well as the lives of her loved ones, for the greater good.

The door opened with a creak, and she stepped into the time machine. She swallowed hard as the door closed behind her, trapping her in the tiny space.

The machine whirred to life, and she was suddenly thrust into the future. She gasped as she saw the world around her. It was a dystopian nightmare. The skies were dark, the buildings were crumbling, and the people were fighting just to survive.

She was about to turn and run back to the safety of her own time, when she saw a child, huddled in a doorway, crying. The child's eyes met hers, and in that instant, she knew she could not turn away.

She walked towards the child, and as she did, she was stabbed from behind. The knife entered her back, and she felt her life slipping away. As she collapsed to the ground, she saw the child's face one last time. In that moment, she knew she had made the right choice.

The child reached her and knelt down beside her. He could see the life slipping away from her. He reached for her hand, and he held it tight.

"Thank you," she whispered. "For everything."

And then she was gone.

Luka was not sure what to do. He did not want to stay in this place of death and destruction. But he knew he could not go back to his own time. The woman had given her life to help him, and he could not let her sacrifice be in vain.

He would find a way to survive in this dystopian future. And he would make sure that her death was not meaningless. Luka knew he had to find shelter, and fast. The sun was setting, and the temperature was dropping. He had no idea where he was or how to find help.

He saw a light in the distance and started towards it. As he got closer, he could see that it was a fire. He quickened his pace, and soon he was standing in front of a group of people.

They looked up at him, and he could see the suspicion in their eyes. He knew he must look strange to them, but he didn't have time to worry about that now.

"Please," he said, "I'm looking for shelter. Can you help me?"

The group hesitated for a moment, and then one of them stepped forward.

"You can stay with us," he said. "But you need to be careful. We don't know who or what you are."

Luka nodded and stepped closer to the fire. He was safe for now, but he knew he had to be careful. He had to find out more about this future world, and how he could help the people who were suffering in it.Luka was grateful for the shelter, but he knew he could not stay here forever. He had to find out more about this future world, and how he could help the people who were suffering in it.

The first thing he need to do was to find out where he was. He asked the group of people he was staying with, but they were not from this area and did not know. Luka was frustrated. He had no idea how he was going to find his way without more information.

He decided to wait until morning and then set out on his own. He was not sure where he was going, but he knew he had to find some answers. He could not just sit around and do nothing.

The next morning, Luka said goodbye to the group of people and set out into the city. He had no idea where he was going, but he knew he had to find some answers. He walked for hours, asking people for directions, but no one seemed to know where he was.

He came to a large building that looked like it might have some answers. He went inside and saw a group of people gathered around a woman. He approached them and listened to what she was saying.

Luka felt a sudden surge of hope. Maybe this woman could help him. He introduced himself and told her his story.

The woman, whose name was Alia, was shocked. She had never heard of someone travelling through time before. But she was also intrigued.

She told Luka that she was part of a group of people who were trying to find out the truth about the government's secrets. She said they would be happy to help him, but he had to be careful.

Luka was grateful for the help, and he vowed to be careful. He continued to follow Alia and the group, and he quickly began to learn more about the world he was now living in. He discovered that the government was hiding a lot of secrets, and that the people in this world were suffering because of it.

Luka was hesitant at first, but he soon realized that he could not just sit by and do nothing. He had to help these people, and he had to stop the government from hiding the truth any longer.

He knew it was going to be dangerous, but he was ready to fight for what was right. With the group's help, he was going to make sure that the people of this world had a chance to live better lives.

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