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We're extremely happy to announce a new ground-breaking way to interact with designs using natural language: Sparkel Copilot ✨

Using natural language to interact with BIM-models is not just a gimmick, it solves 2 very real challenges for construction companies:

1️⃣ BIM-models are never perfect.

By using natural language, Sparkel Copilot is able to circumvent the need for BIM properties being on a specific format or in a required location. Sparkel Copilot understands your intention and finds the properties that best suits what you're looking for. You can even use your own native language!

2️⃣ Querying, filtering and grouping BIM-models requires technical proficiency.

By using natural language, you get access to powerful filtering functionality without having to learn it! Sparkel Copilot converts your text prompts into advanced filters, eliminating the need for expert training to find the information/quantities you're looking for. It also speeds up the process a lot for experts! 📈

We're so happy to finally put powerful BIM features into the hands of any construction professional. Being able to ask questions directly to the BIM-model leads to improved collaboration and a better understanding of the project - which is the basis for high-quality, profitable and sustainable construction! 🏗🌳

Deeper dive soon to be published in CRE Premium discussion:

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