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GenAI Violated Copyright? No Problem

Microsoft promised to shield users of its generative AI services against the potential risk of copyright infringement.

What’s new: Microsoft said it would cover the cost for any copyright violations that may arise from use of its Copilot features, which generate text, images, code, and other media within its productivity apps.

How it works: In its Copilot Copyright Commitment, Microsoft vows to defend customers in court against allegations that they infringed copyrights by using Microsoft software. It also promises to reimburse the cost of adverse judgments or settlements.

The commitment covers media created using Microsoft 365 Copilot, which generates text, images, and layouts for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. It also covers the output of Bing Chat Enterprise (but not the AI-enhanced search engine’s free version), and the GitHub Copilot code generator.

Customers are covered unless they try to breach guardrails such as filters designed to detect and block infringing output.

Microsoft’s commitment follows a similar promise issued in June by Adobe to indemnify users of its Firefly generative service against intellectual property claims.

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