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Cognitively CRE - 10, November 2023

Embracing AI in Corporate Real Estate – Insights from the Cognitively CRE Web Show

The Future of Workspace Design: AI-Driven and Client-Centric

At the heart of the recent Cognitively CRE web show was a groundbreaking announcement by James Waddell: the relaunch of Cognitively CRE, pioneering a new approach to workspace design. This innovative concept brings together artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to meet and exceed client expectations. The emphasis is on creating workspaces that are not just functional, but also responsive and adaptive to the needs of those who use them.

Tackling the Challenge of Technology Adoption in Corporate Real Estate

James highlighted a significant issue in the industry – the slow adoption of new technologies within corporate real estate facility management. Despite the clear benefits, such as cost savings, enhanced sustainability, and carbon reduction, many in the sector have hesitated to embrace these advancements. The Cognitively CRE initiative aims to counteract this trend, demonstrating the immense potential of AI and technology in transforming workspaces.

Data and AI: The Cornerstones of Enhanced Workplaces

A significant portion of the discussion, led by James and Gordon Wright, focused on the critical role of data in revolutionizing the workplace and corporate real estate sectors. They explored how AI could be a game-changer, optimizing the way spaces are used and managed. The conversation included insights from Vik, who shared his expertise on using AI for optimized capital planning and predictive analytics. This approach can lead to smarter, more efficient buildings that adapt to the patterns and behaviors of their users.

Conversations Beyond the Show: An Ongoing Dialogue on AI and Real Estate

The show also proposed an innovative idea to extend the conversation beyond its time limits: a public discussion board hosted on AI Innovators. This platform will enable the audience to ask questions and actively contribute to the evolving dialogue around AI in corporate real estate.

Closing Thoughts: A New Era for Corporate Real Estate

The Cognitively CRE web show marked the beginning of a new chapter in corporate real estate. By integrating AI and data analytics into the very fabric of workspace design and management, we are stepping into an era where buildings are not just structures but dynamic environments that support and enhance the work and well-being of their inhabitants. The relaunch of Cognitively CRE is a beacon for the industry, signaling a move towards more intelligent, responsive, and sustainable workspaces.

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