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AI in Healthcare:

  • Hippocratic is building an LLM for Healthcare (Read more)

  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman asks Congress to regulate AI (Read more)

  • Apple's new $3K headset could be used by surgeons (Read more)

  • Google Cloud launches AI-powered solutions to safely accelerate drug discovery and precision medicine (Read more)

  • AI tool detects Parkinson's up to 15 years early with 96% accuracy (Read more)

  • Roots automation introduces InsurGPT - the world's most advanced Generative AI model for insurance (Read more)

  • The groundbreaking plan to map the entire human immune system (Read more)

  • Google announces bold progress in AI, advancing Med-PaLM 2 for healthcare (Read more)

  • AI ethicist proposes framework for generative AI in Healthcare (Read more)

  • Virgin Pulse takes personalized well-being to the next level with new AI-powered Homebase for Health® enhancements (Read more)

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