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Build A Digital Business With AI And No Code


Course • 54 Lessons

Learn how to build an AI-powered digital business with zero coding. Launch your new product or service in weeks, not months - no developers needed.

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This course is offered in partnership with Built With AI Club  



Welcome to the course! I'm glad you're here. This section will outline the who/what/why/how of the course before we dive in and start building. The goal of this section is to prime you on how to think about approaching the content and how to get the most out of this course.

Looking forward to you getting started on your journey to build a digital business with AI and No Code.



In this section, you'll get an overview of what we're building throughout the course. This is like the map to keep you oriented on each step of the process of building our no code AI app (Plan My Trip ASAP). I'll link back to this section in various lessons so that we continually get grounded in what we're building and what stage we're at as we go along.

  1. Plan My Trip ASAP Demo

  2. Plan My Trip ASAP Schematic

Landing Page


The landing page is your first interaction with your customer. It does many things: describes your product, shows off your brand and launches the customer into your product or service. You can think of it as the digital display window for your product or service.

In this section, you're going to get a deep dive on how to build a stunning, professional looking landing page that is flexible, powerful and simple to build and maintain.

  1. Landing Page Overview

  2. Landing Page Tools

  3. Letting Started with the Landing Page

  4. Designing the Landing Page

  5. Adding Content to the Landing Page

  6. Using AI to Write Your Website Copy

  7. Finalizing the Landing Page Design

  8. Adding a Favicon

  9. Publishing Your Landing Page

  10. Getting Help with Your Landing Page

  11. Wrapping Up the Landing Page

Domain & Email


In this section, we'll go through the process of purchasing a custom domain and email. These steps are optional. You do not need a custom domain and email to have a fully functional application, but if you're building your own project, or plan to in the future, these will be essential to creating a professional product and service. This is a small section that we'll get through quickly, but if you do want to buy a custom domain and email, doing this now will streamline some of the work for you in the ensuing lessons.

  1. Using AI Come Up With Your Brand Name

  2. Purchasing A Custom Domain Name

  3. Purchasing An Email And Inbox Setup

  4. Connecting a Custom Domain to the Landing Page

  5. Wrapping Up Domain and Email

User Interfaces & Forms


The user interface is the frontend of the web application. It's what the customer interacts when using your product or service. And more often than not, these interfaces are made up of various fields and buttons to collect user information, otherwise known as a form! In this section, we'll build the user interface by creating a dynamic, logic-driven form.

  1. User Interface & Forms Overview

  2. Tally Overview

  3. Building a Waitlist Form

  4. Additional Form Settings

  5. Connecting the Waitlist Form to the Landing Page

  6. Testing the Waitlist Form

  7. Building the User Interface

  8. Adding Payment to the User Interface

  9. Adding Discount Codes

  10. Testing the User Interface End-to-End

  11. Wrapping Up User Interfaces & Forms

Backend Automation


Once the user has submitted their information via the user interface, then we need to route, process and transform that data into our delivered product or service, and that's where backend automation comes in. In this section, you'll learn how to use a suite of no code tools in combination with OpenAI's GPT product to automate the application with no code and AI magic.

  1. Backend Automation Overview

  2. Zapier Overview

  3. Zap Schematic

  4. Connecting Tally to Zapier

  5. OpenAI Overview (GPT-3)

  6. Sending Tally Data to OpenAI

  7. Airtable Overview

  8. Storing Data in Our Airtable Database

  9. SendGrid Overview

  10. Sending Itineraries With SendGrid

  11. Testing The End-to-End Backend

  12. Wrapping Up Backend Automation

Going Live


In this section, you'll learn a few important things to take care of before launching your product or service, like compliance and incorporation. There are many resources included in this section for you to further explore to get your business ready to launch.

  1. Connecting the User Interface to the Landing Page

  2. Incorporating Your Business

  3. Compliance Solutions

  4. Updating Stripe for Launch

  5. Final Testing

  6. Wrapping Up Going Live

Wrapping Up


Congratulations! You made it to the end. If you followed the course, you've now got a complete AI-powered application built as well as the skills to iterate and build more in the future. In this section, I'll provide a few pointers for next steps, ways that you can plugin further with the Built With AI Club community and ask for some feedback so I can keep improving the course for future students.

  1. Recap & Concluding Thoughts

  2. Next Steps & Additional Resources

  3. Provide Feedback


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